Dr. Sabrina Mandich & Associates offer you a positive dental experience.

Imagine yourself in a dental office such as this:

  • She listens carefully to understand your situation.
  • Appointments are on-time, predictable and even relaxing.
  • She customizes treatment to maximize your comfort.
  • Her concern is for your confident smile and total health.

Welcome to Sabrina Mandich’s uncommon dental practice. Here you’ll find a safe place to pursue the goal of health, beautiful smiles and improved self-esteem. You’ll enjoy the professional services, a warm ambience and personal regard that patients seek but seldom find.

For me, "the dentist" was always a scary place to go. I associated a dentist with pain and discomfort. Not Dr. Mandich’s office. These folks are pros! They are friendly, caring, and even comforting to a big chicken like me who had a life-long fear of the dentist. Not anymore!
Gregg Salisbury