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Q: Why won’t my insurance company cover tooth colored fillings?

A: They will, but generally only on the front 6 teeth. For your other teeth, the insurance company will generally cover the least expensive filling material, which is the traditional silver material.

Q: What are digital x-rays?

A: Digital x-rays are much safer than traditional x-rays because they use up to 90% less radiation. Other benefits are that they can be sent to health care providers via the internet, and can be enlarged for better viewing. If you would like to see your dental x-rays, just ask us and we would be happy to explain things to you.

Q: How long does a dentist need to go to school?

A: Usually, eight years. Generally it takes four years to complete the requirements to apply to dental school. Then after taking the DAT (dental aptitude test) and being interviewed, four more years of dental school are required. Therefore, the total is eight years. Specialty degrees generally require at least two additional years.

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