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Safety First

Dr. Sabrina Mandich Burien WARest assured that you are safe with us. We not only protect you from physical contamination, but are sensitive and creative about relieving internal stress that causes you discomfort.

Our dental practice exceeds all sterilization control guidelines recommended by the Washington State Licensing Board and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. We maintain rigorous precautions and state-of-the-art safety controls to protect everyone’s physical health. The environment is equally important to us. We recycle paper and dispose of mercury and silver residue properly in order to protect our municipal water and air quality systems. Although not mandated by law, we accept a social responsibility to maintain our specialized equipment and to dispose properly of any waste chemicals.

The following safety procedures are done at our office:

• We wash our hands prior to placing a new pair of gloves on.
• We wear gloves, face masks, and glasses. We provide you with safety glasses too.
• Chemical disinfection of our countertops and all used surfaces is done between every patient. Plastic barriers are used on all surfaces when possible.
• We sterilize all equipment and dental tools before every use.
• Disposable items are used for many procedures.

Aesthetic Dentistry Burien WashingtonComfort care – For whatever reason many people are not totally comfortable in the dental chair. We respect that. We have created an atmosphere that is comfortable, have a caring team of professionals and build trust with each and every appointment. This has not happened by accident, but by a sincere concern from the doctors. Bring your iPod or MP3 player to listen to, or snuggle in our blankets. We have cool towels, warm towels, fans, soft teddy bears to hold and good old fashioned t.l.c. to help you throughout the appointment. If you truly suffer from anxiety to the point you are neglecting good dental health, we may suggest sedation dentistry.

You can relax with us, really.

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Plenty of free parking; wheelchair accessible.


Tuesday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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